Shakeela Movie hot full Movie Thazhvara

 Shakeela Movie hot full Movie Thazhvara

 Starring Glamour Queen Shakeela and others

Hot N Sour Entertainment Company brings you one of the all time romantic movie "Taazhvara"(2001) .Directed by B John, starring the Glamour Queen Shakeela and others. The movie is about the romance Chandru among three woman. Chandru is a helper in a truck, driven by Thankappan. Thankappan is a little aggressive in nature. Kanakamma is selling flowers in the truck yard near valley. Her sister is Sunantha. Suganthi (shakeela) is running a local tea shop and her sister Rakhi studies in college. 

The movie starts with kanakamma's sizzling chats in the yard. She is married , but she is in secret affair with Thankappan. Chandru gets in to clash with Thankappan and he takes a shelter in Suganthi's  Home. Suganthi seduces him and takes the advantage. Meanwhile Rakhi comes back from college for vacation. A Romance is build up in between them which makes Suganthi nervous and Jealousy. Once Chandru saves Sunanda from Thankappan , there too buds a romance. Like this Chandru gets stuck in between three woman. 

The movie forwards with the romantic sequences of these three and Chandru. Chandru fels more passion towards Raghi. Even though Suganthi tries her best she could not make them apart. Sunantha think of revenge to her. From this point the movie gets into more roamantic and heart locking sequences.Whom will Chandru Marry? is sunand's revenge succeeds?? .

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